Artist: Joel Chernoff
Album: The Restoration of Israel
Meter: 4/4


Lord I come to you, with a humble heart
Seeking more of you, wanting less of me,w anting more of you
From my deepest parts, God of mercy hear
Comes an urgent prayer, that my heart's desire
Is to you draw near

Holy unto you, Holy unto you
Hear this hunble prayer and make me holy unto you
Ka-dosh ka-dosh l'cha, ka-dosh ka-dosh l'cha
Hear this humble prayer, make me ka-dosh ka-dosh l'cha

I give myself to you, on the altar lay
Spirit come and fill, so that I can more follow and obey
Let your light more shine, in this wounded heart
Clean and purify, so that I can more
Of yourself impart

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Holy Unto You - Beth Ames-Formosa

Congregation of Origin: Kehilat Sar Shalom
Formation: Circle
Level: Beginner
Notated by: Matt Nall


Dance Steps

Begin Part A facing I
Part A
1-4: Walk in r-l-r (raising arms) and dip on fourth beat
5-8: Walk back out l-r-l (lowering arms) and tap right (right hand touches left shoulder)
9-10: ½ 2P-CW-turn to face O
11-12: Rock back
13-16: Tcherk O
1-4: Facing L, walk four (palms press down, then up)
5-6: Coupe left with arms up
7-9: Step right, drop arms, coupe right, arms up
10-12: Step left, drop arms, coupe left, arms up
13-16: 2P-CW-turn turn to R, and lean right and left, arms still up

Transition: (After Chorus)
1-4: Coupé to L, lean right and left